Room Management “Simplified”


Booklet is a comprehensive room management solution that allows you effectively make use of meeting rooms in high traffic environments. The solution allows you to plan meetings in advance as well as catering for walk in meetings.

Planning meetings down to the last detail according to your needs of facilities within each room and finding a room that perfectly fits your needs has never been more convenient.

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Datapost nfinityX ready for LG Web Os

Datapost is excited to announce it  is ready to deliver content to the new LG Web Os enabled professional panels. This new software will help our customers to roll-out new networks quickly and easily. A further advantage is a media player is no longer required cutting down service calls and CAPEX.

The new software supports Video, Images and HTML5

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nfinityX becomes Android ready

Android has become a popular operating system for simple but stable signage solutions. Datapost can provide a turnkey solution. Attach the pre configured media player to our cloud solution and begin managing your communication, digital information screens and menu boards today!

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Constantly Advancing

Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is a small form factor PC designed by Intel.From school and university computer labs to enterprise, government, and private organizations, the Intel® NUC is driving new models of computing in small spaces.

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