CorpCompanies are moving towards an entirely digital workflow, nfinityX allows companies to achieve this quickly and efficiently with the tools and database provided within the nfinityX.


In an increasingly competitive business world, how you communicate with your customers and staff and how they communicate with you, is vital for the continued success of your business.  By exploring new ways to make those communications efficient, you increase your competitive advantage. Making rich media content like video, audio and digital asset management an integral part of your companies strategy for success.


Digital Signage

Communication solution for staff and customers, Datapost provides digital communication channels like digital signage, live streaming, mobile and desktop applications.

Digital Calendar

The meeting rooms in your organisation can be simply and effectively managed using Booklet which integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar or use the simple Web interface provided. Booklet works across the enterprises allowing one to book rooms in different locations.

Digital wayfinding

Add Booklet to your arsenal and build simple and effective way finding screens automatically as you book your meeting rooms or spaces.

Desktop way-finding

Publish communication content to the company users desktops directly from your nfinityX. The content begins to play when the users machine switches to the screen saver

Organized Video Library

Store and index you media content, video, audio and images. Integrate into existing company Web Sites and training applications  

Interactive Screens

Create interactive experiences for your customers and staff simply and easily. No coding required!

Digital Signage Your own private Television Station


NfinityX provides an internal television station infrastructure, used in conjunction with Datapost’s media play-out unit.  Forward installed video or live content is played out on television screens.  This can be used to address the problem of staff members without workstations in the event of a company statement being made.  The broadcast can be scheduled or played on demand.


The way finding component quickly and effectively directs them to the relevant service area or meeting room. The flexible way finding, allows one to quickly reconfigure consultant or service areas, to meet the demand of waiting clients.


The meeting rooms in your organisation can be simply and effectively managed using Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar or the simple Web interface. No more embarrassing moments with colleagues as the screen outside clearly shows the calendar for each room as booked.


Deliver media rich content presentations, which include documentation, graphic, advertising material, training and video presentations of products and services, explaining pricing, and technical information relating to the product or services.



The ITV- multimedia player is used to display non proprietary content published from the nfinityX media management system. The player’s multi-layer technology makes the GUI used to display the content totally customizable. The level of interactivity with the player varies from a passive information display to fully interactive information/ training systems driven by IR remote control, product scanners, touch screens etc. The players can be configured to be interactive during a specific time window and the return to passive mode. The player supports scheduled control of rich content such as flash, most major AV an audio formats, IP video stream, live broadcasts, RSS live info fees and almost any formats used by the internet. By using nonproprietary media types the player can evolve along with new technologies as they become available.




Quickly and efficiently communicate using our screensaver solution. Publish images and video directly to your staff desktops, the solution is easily managed and disappears instantly when your staff interact with their machines.  Content is cached on the client machine minimizing impact on the internal network.

Supports Windows 8 – ios – Linux

Mobile Devices Communication

Use the mobile apps to extend your communication to mobile devices. The mobile devices receive publishes from the nfinityX in the same way as any other connected devices like digital media players. The Apps are easily downloaded and installed on the devices.

Mobile Control