nfinityX at work!

Companies are moving towards an entirely digital workflow, nfinityX allows companies to achieve this quickly and efficiently with the tools and database provided with the nfinityX.


In an increasingly competitive business world, how you communicate with your customers and staff and how they communicate with you, is vital for the continued success of your business.  By exploring new ways to make those communications efficient, you increase your competitive advantage. Making rich media content like video, audio and digital asset management an integral part of your companies strategy for success.

QTV(queue TV)

Communication solution for staff and customers, Datapost provides digital communication channels like digital signage, live streaming, mobile and desktop applications.

Area Configuration

The meeting rooms in your organisation can be simply and effectively managed using Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar or the simple Web interface.

Digital Posters

Easily re-purposing content for delivery and distribution to multiple hardware clients. Store and retrieve all media content using Datapost nfinityX.

Digital Exchange Rate’s Boards

We take care of the background detail, servers, software and provide you with online support in any area you may require help.

Integrated Queue Management

Manage playlists, Schedule content , Design the look and feel of your signage and use a diverse set of tools to create  your ultimate advertising platform.

Customer & Staff Communication Channels

Whether you are a multi-corporate empire , a single shop owner or  simply out to entertain , We have a plan for you.

QTV(queue TV)



Target your customers with news about new products and entertainment while waiting to be served. Content is controlled and published from head office insuring continuity in communication strategies. The nfinityX uses “Smart Content” allowing the content to be contextualized for specific geographical and demographic areas. Further integration into Qman allows content to be narrowed further and allowing the Bank to target the customers in the bank with media and information relevant to there requirements.

Communicate with your customers while they wait

Queue Management


The nfinityX Qman allows business to manage customer flow and consultant performance.Use the information from the queue management solution to target customers with information relating to their service requirement. Learn More

Digital Posters


Replace your paper based posters and insure continuity throughout your retail network, ensuring the correct promotions are being displayed in your branches. Use the flexibility of the nfinityXbank to target customers using Qman data or geographical and demographic information.

Save on printing and distribution cost and enjoy real-time flexibility






Digital Way Finding

Allow your branch configuration to be flexible, allowing managers to satisfy customer demand or accommodate peak time demands in the branch. If you require more tellers and less information consultants simple re configure.All_Tellers

Exchange rate Boards and real-time data


Bank_Signage Integrate real-time mission critical information into your screen network. Exchange rate boards and call centre environment. The nfinityX Media player accepts and manages live data feeds. Features include ongoing monitoring of the data, in the event the connection to the live data fails, the player automatically indicates that the data is no longer valid. This simple but effective feature stops any conflicting prices or data being displayed.




Bank_Signage2 Interactive is becoming an important part of ones strategy, as people become comfortable with interacting with GUI’s on touch environments.Use the nfinityX to manage and update these interfaces. Track usage and status, integrate card readers and scanners into the solution. Interactive options are easily integrated in to the media player, this allows users to connect to IP streams or on-demand content.



Staff and Customer – communication and training


Bank_Signage_CommunicationThe number one objective of every company is to have staff that are informed and well trained in their area of service or expertise. The nfinityX allows communication to be published to all sectors of you company or targeted to specific business segments or groups. The solution can accommodate live broadcasts via satellite or IP streaming or content forward installed and scheduled for play-out. NfinityX allows companies to confidently manage there own internal broadcasts environment. Daily, Weekly or monthly broadcasts can easily be managed, with the added advantage of allowing the content to be replayed on demand. Further integration into the desk top allows one to broadcast directly to the workstation. All of these broadcasts backed up with delivery statistics and reporting.

This solution is a Proven and Robust solution!