Software as a Service



What screen do I need?

Any television, monitor or screen with an HDMI connection can be used as a highly effective digital signage presenter. Play videos, welcome displays, tickers, RSS feeds, Posters ,ad campaign etc.

Send your content to any of your screens connected to the Internet


Software and Content

Once your content is uploaded to the server you can search and simply add it to your screen play-list. Arrange your list and publish, all the attached media players will download and present your new broadcast, menu or presentation. MTVN supports most video, audio and image formats. Make use of the content designer and the ticker manager to publish messages and information to your customers and staff, easily and quickly. Day parting and constraints are available.


Media Player

The media player uses any IP connection to connect to the MTVN Severs. As the media player is connect continuously to the internet, you are able to manage content anywhere at anytime. The content is downloaded to the media player once when updating the playlist.The media player then only uses the connection to send heartbeats and diagnostic purposes and uses very little data.

The MTVN – Datapost media player can present two HD Video layers, multiple graphic components including HTML5.  The linux operating system provides a stable and dependable platform.

MTVN Server

The content you upload is kept securely on the MTVN Service allowing you to access your content at anytime anywhere. The media manager also enables you to share your content with other users of the network.

Each account holder will receive 1 gigabyte of storage space per registered media player.