Take a look at exactly what nfinityX can offer you



  • Access to online software interface.
  • The interface built in Silverlight gives the user a fast and seamless experience.
  • MTVN Media Player Software is a simple to use tool to upload your own designs ,pictures and video for your display.
  • A simple to use designer tool allows you to modify and create your own screen layouts.
  • Easy to use ticker creator with the option of customization text content and access to available RSS feeds.
  • RSS templates with picture and text
  • Play-list manager to organise the sequence of your media.
  • Access to 3rd party content
  • 2 Gigabytes of storage for your content
  • Media player reports verifying the content that has been played on your screen, easily send these reports to advertisers on your screen.

MTVN Navigation Icons Opening screen


  1. Bouquet/ Channel – This navigates you to your screen or screens, this also links you to you playlists
  2. My Screens – Navigates you to the screen managment environment, monitoring and screen layout
  3. Search – Search you media library
  4. Upload – simple up load tool
  5. Designer – Create content using objects and images in your medai library
  6. Ticker – ticker designer
  7. User managment – User details
  8. Exit

 Uploading Content


MTVN accepts a wide variety of content which includes;


It is important to keep in mind what screen you are publishing to and what the aspect ratio of the screen is. The interface provides a guide to the user but careful attention should be given to content preporation. Once you get your workflow it will become second nature.


  Designer Tools

Designer Overview

The designer module allows users to quickly create content for their digital signage screens or banners for a Web site. We have created a simple set of tools which if used creatively can produce content which is easily managed and published. The designer is used exclusively for still images and no animation options are available.

If you require your content to use animation you will need this content to be created for you. Our Windows media player supports both Silverlight and Adobe flash. Power point is also a very useful tool should you require animation, simply create your presentation and using the export tools of powerpoint create a video file. Upload the file and publish.

The great advantage of using the built in designer is that it uses vector based objects which translates into a very small file size with exceptional results on screen producing crisp and clean presentation.


Ticker Overview

Utilize the simple to use ticker designer creating one or multiple tickers for your layout.

Features include:

  • Multiple Tickers
  • Search and find functions
  • Add images to your ticker
  • Add images that include alphas
  • Apply gradients to your design
  • Place a background image on your ticker layout


PlaylistMTVN gives you the ability to manage an infinite amount of playlists on an infinite amount of screens.

   Select unique areas of your layout to manage different playlists

 Change the order of content

 Set duration’s

 View your playlist in a view that best suits you

 Add ,delete and manage content



For more in-depth information on the user interfaces, please login to the knowledge portal and navigate to the MTVN tab and check out the lessons. Remember you will need to create a user and login 

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