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  1. Xid Designer

  2. Interactive Signage

    Interactive Deliver media rich content presentations, which include documentation, graphic, advertising material, training and video presentations of products and services, explaining pricing, and technical information…

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  3. Content Reporting

    Content Reporting   Features Reporting Interface The Power of Reporting Reporting gives you the insights that can tell you exactly what has been playing on…

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  4. Analytics

  5. Audience Measurement

    Audience Measurement Knowing who is interacting with your business environments and digital deployments is a vital business tool. Datapost integrates into industry leading audience measurement…

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  6. Room Management “Simplified”

      Booklet is a comprehensive room management solution that allows you effectively make use of meeting rooms in high traffic environments. The solution allows you…

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  7. XID Designer

    Xid is an interactive designing tool that runs in parallel with the nfinityX solution. The designer is used to create images, videos and in-depth interactive…

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  8. Terms and Conditions of Use

    DATAPOST PTY (LTD) Contact number +27 11 781 3664 SERVICE TERMS OF USE ¬†6 SEPTEMBER 2018 ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS The services that Datapost Pty (Ltd)…

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  9. Booklet

      Features Why Booklet? You’re preparing for a big presentation, you worked late every night this week, you put your blood sweat and tears into…

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  10. Corp

    nfinityXCorp Companies are moving towards an entirely digital workflow, nfinityX allows companies to achieve this quickly and¬†efficiently with the tools and database provided with the…

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