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  1. Booklet – 2020

    Features Why Booklet? You’re preparing for a big presentation, you worked late every night this week, you put your blood sweat and tears into this…

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  2. XID – 2020

    Xid is an interactive designing tool that runs in parallel with the nfinityX solution. The designer is used to create images, videos and in-depth interactive…

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  3. nfinityX Overview

    The nfinityX is an application, which encompasses a robust media driven database allowing high-level management of content including rights management and distribution throughout its life…

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  4. Qman – 2020

    Qman provides a functional customer and staff managment tool.

  5. New Home Page

    Datapost is focused on providing you with Digital Signage, Interactive and Communication software tools that make your task of managing, publishing and distributing your content productive…

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  6. Xid Designer

  7. Interactive Signage

    Interactive Deliver media rich content presentations, which include documentation, graphic, advertising material, training and video presentations of products and services, explaining pricing, and technical information…

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  8. Content Reporting

    Content Reporting Reporting is an invaluable asset to have when dealing with digital signage. You can pull reports to check if screens have been playing…

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  9. Analytics

  10. Audience Measurement

    Audience Measurement Knowing who is interacting with your business environments and digital deployments is a vital business tool. Datapost integrates into industry leading audience measurement…

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